Boiler Room Back To Potato Head, Bali

Diego Castaneda

Diego Castaneda

Friday, July 15, 2022

The Boiler Room will return to Bali this summer at Potato Head Village, July 22 and 23. This time, the Boiler Room will feature live performances from 30 local and international DJs from more than 10 countries. The event will be held on four different stages and will feature a variety of music genres from disco to hip-hop.

The Boiler Room Bali line-up features the trio Asa Tone from Leaving Records, Melati Malay from Indonesia, Tristan Arp and Kaazi from New York City accompanied by their composer Ariel Kalma, Jakarta-based hip hop artist BAP., Bandung-based DJ Bagvs, night club and record label Dekadenz, and the last one, a disco collective from Indonesia, Diskoria.


Boiler Room akan kembali lagi ke Bali pada musim panas ini di Desa Potato Head, tanggal 22 dan 23 Juli. Kali ini, Boiler Room akan menampilkan live performance dari 30 DJ lokal dan international yang berasal lebih dari 10 negara. Event ini akan diadakan di empat stage yang berbeda dan membawakan sejumlah genre musik mulai dari disco sampai hip-hop.

Line-up Boiler Room Bali sendiri menampilkan trio Asa Tone dari Leaving Records, Melati Malay dari Indonesia, Tristan Arp dan Kaazi dari New York City ditemani oleh komposer mereka Ariel Kalma, Jakarta-based hip hop artist BAP., Bandung-based DJ Bagvs, club night dan record label Dekadenz, dan terakhir kolektif disko asal Indonesia, Diskoria.

Source : Boiler Room TV