Deefo is a Jakarta Indonesia based DJ and electronic music producer making a strong debut here on clipp art. With a sweet double AA side release that is as propulsive as it is introspective, diving deep into waters of Acid House, lo-fi, rave house, amiga music and IDM electronica, Deefo brings a multilayered dance aesthetic to both cuts.


“Inner City Riot” is all clanging hats, smacking snares and broken robot synths sucked into a whirlwind of rave stabs, trance undertones and semi-goofy digi-bass one shots. On the flip “Noche” goes straight to the feel-zone. Muted percussion, sliced and screwed chops and a warm pool of nostalgic synth to swim around in lo-fi fashion. Music to enjoy while lounging around with a rum soaked ham on a south east asian beach.


DJ/Producer kebanggaan Jakarta, Deefo, meluncurkan Inner Riot EP yang memadukan beragam elemen musik menjadi satu, yaitu Acid House, Lo-fi, Rave House, Amiga dan IDM Electronica. Dua track dengan warna yang berbeda, ada di dalam EP ini. Inner City Riots diwarnai dengan bebunyian Hi-Hats, snar drum bersuara lantang, bassline plus synth dan jika disimak, sudah seperti classic rave music dengan tema kekinian. Track kedua berjudul Noche lebih kalem, seperti elemen muted percussion, groovy bassline, old school synth dan lebih enak disimak dalam situasi santai. Keren!