Oceans, When New York Collab with Bali

Oceans, When New York Collab with Bali

DanceSignal, Written on dimanche, septembre 23 2018

Sandflower, Singer/Songwriter of New York’s Indie Hip Hop Music launched the single “Oceans”. A song about peace, tolerance and unity among human beings throughout the world without any national limitations on language, religion or genre.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sandflower’s music influenced by the diverse cultural background. Her debut single "Do Watchu Wanna (Boey Tranga)" was released in 2014 then the second song "Sugar Honey Ice Tea"

Oceans is a different single than the previous, because for the first the time Sandflower worked with the legendary Indonesian musician Hendra Ganarto from the Dua Percussion group. This collaboration was first initiated by Maya Naratama, creative director, producer and founder of Acha Productions in New York. Then Maya initiated to collab with DuoPercussion which has many musical works using traditional musical instruments, including gamelan.

"This is a good opportunity for Indonesian musicians involved in American music industry. Through music, musicians from two countries can explore and create music that can be globally" explained Maya as Project Manager and Public Relations for this collaboration.

New York music producer David Sisko and Sandflower very interested to add Balinese Gamelan sound by DuoPercussion to the song. David has worked with Duran Duran, Kelly Clarkson, Julian Lennon and Justin Timberlake.

David said."Sandflower and I are very excited about combining traditional gamelan from the DuoPercussion arrangement into this Oceans song. We are not only made the relationship between the country and culture to cooperate, but because we both like this instruments. This is very sonic and can be used for all types of music. Gamelan has characteristics that is percussive, hard, calm and interesting."

Through the process of digital music production for approximately 6 months between New York and Bali (Hendra DuoPercussion settled in Bali) and mastering by Mike Tucci in Los Angeles, finally Oceans, Sandflower featuring DuoPercussion is release. Not only Balinese gamelan, but as the final touch for the cover of this Oceans song single, Sandflower wears couture clothes by Balinese designer that very unique and extravaganza, Shinta Chrisna is specially flown from Bali to New York City.