Marshmello Donates to Kind! Charity

Marshmello Donates to Kind! Charity

DanceSignal, Written on viernes, octubre 5 2018

Marshmello just gave his entire fanbase another reason to support him. Of course, his music may be the reason electronic music lovers all over the world have pledged their allegiance to the masked music virtuoso, and partly because every time he takes to any mainstage, Marshmello drops some of the most exuberant and energising sets that pack the punch. Did I forget to mention he leaves the crowds wanting more and more? Anyway, more to the point, Marshmello just donated a whopping half a million bucks to the charity KIND! and left us all with our mouths wide open at his kindness.


Its not everyday a DJ drops a cool half a million dollars on a charity but Marshello has done just that. The charity KIND! which stands for Kids In Need Of Defense protects the rights of refugee and immigrant children in the United States. In a Twitter announcement the charity wrote:


“Thank you so much @marshmellomusic for your incredibly generous donation of $500,000 to KIND!”


The charity went on to mention how Marshmello’s support will ensure vital protection for children in the long run. Though KIND! is not one to shout about donations and single donators out, when you have half a million dollars comes your way, they have all the more reason to share with the world.


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