Tupac Is Still Alive in Malaysia

Tupac Is Still Alive in Malaysia

DanceSignal, Written on الجمعة، أكتوبر ٥ ٢٠١٨

A TV station in Las Vegas claimed that the police were close to arresting someone for the murder of Tupac Shakur earlier this year, but now it looks like the cops can shut that whole investigation down because Tupac Shakur is actually still alive. That’s according to Suge J. Knight, at least, who claims Shakur has secretly been living in Malaysia and that someone is trying to prevent that information from getting out. Knight is the son of infamous producer Suge Knight, so he’d probably be the one to know about this, and he made his case in a series of questionable Instagram posts:


“Tupac Is Alive”


Yeah, so this seems a little hard to believe, especially given Knight’s assertions that somebody is coming after him for trying to expose this truth. Now, he has assembled a team to help him prove that Shakur is hanging around in Southeast Asia, refusing to change his physical appearance in any way.


Tupac Shakur probably isn’t still alive, but maybe Knight will prove us wrong.