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Stvdio – Memo

DanceSignal, Written on Tuesday, October 16 2018

Consisting of a DJ and Producers Heston Prasetyo and Abra Sumendap - STVDIO’s 3 track EP suggests that although the duo are new to the Indonesian music scene, they’ve been grafting at their art for a long time.

Displaying a commanding vocal performance from their vocalist collaborators Bimo Ganzar, Yaya and Saifa - STVDIO achieve to strike a lovely balance of production style that looks to the future while the melodic composition of their songs have an undercurrent of nostalgia in a way that we haven’t quite been able to put our finger on.

Setting the tone of the EP with reverberated Idiophones painting a dreamy backdrop to Bimo Ganzar’s baritone voice on the first track If Only. The singer’s low register croons quickly turn into light falsettos as the song breaks into waves of filtered supersaws. Yaya then adds to the intrigue with her performance on the second track Lost & Found. With her powerful voice she is right at home on the pop ballad that turns into a future bass anthem. The last track featuring Saifa brings it all home with its guitar driven house groove.