Tresor’s Club Door at A Museum

Tresor’s Club Door at A Museum

DanceSignal, Written on vendredi, octobre 26 2018

Tresor’s club door is to be recognized as an important piece of Germany’s cultural history in a major new exhibition.
The Humboldt Forum, a new museum in the heart of Berlin, will display the legendary club’s original door alongside centuries-old mosaics and artifacts from the Holy Roman Empire in its permanent exhibition, which will celebrate Germany’s rich cultural history.

Taking its name from the German word for ‘safe’, Tresor quickly developed a reputation as one of the city’s most revered techno venues. Millions of clubbers passed through the door in the 1990s and techno pioneers Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Surgeon all released music on the club’s record label.

Tresor was forced to close in 2005 to make way for an office building and has since relocated to the
old Kraftwerk power plant on Köpenicker Straße.


H/T: MixMag