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Muztang releases “Mandala” album

DanceSignal, Written on Tuesday, December 11 2018

Angga Raditya a . k . a Mu z t a n g is a longstanding DJ and Producer in the local Drum and Bass community. Muztang has released multiple projects on the Javabass and Invert record labels and after the success of high paced Drum and Bass track Run featuring MC TuanTigabelas, Muztang proceeds with the release of his long-awaited second album Mandala.

The album signifies Muztang’s standing as a force to be reckoned within the Indonesian Drum and Bass community and demonstrates his maturity and growth as a composer and sound engineer. Approaching the body of work after months of isolation, the album embraces analog harmonics while still pushing the envelope in terms of sound design and style as the young producer finds his footing and confidence to execute his signature style and vision.

Muztang’s tone for the album was heard on his official remix for Dexfa’s Wild Side as well as the summery guitar-driven first single of the album Thinking Bout You featuring Sailor Money released mid 2018 and with the Mandala album the producer wishes to use the canvas of Drum and Bass to put down his stamp of speed soul music onto the unsuspecting music scene here at home – conjoining kinetic club music with the warmth and depth of Soul, Jazz and R&B.