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Asia’s Largest Electronic Music Conference Returns and Expands Across Borders

DanceSignal, Written on Wednesday, December 19 2018

An initiative aspiring to connect the present and future generation of music industry leaders is back again on March 2019. This vision by local Malaysian John Beh proved success in early May 2018 and attended by 600 local and international music enthusiasts.

“Wired Music Week is a very special project for the team and myself. It’s great to know that we are able to assist those in the industry who are keen to learn while acting as a bridge to connect them within our resources and capability. We’re stoked for the second edition [of WMW] and are in works of planning more exclusive content and partnering with brands, sponsors alongside our elite team to create an extraordinary conference and festival, which will wow the hearts of many in Southeast Asia.” Said John Beh.

The Wired Music Week is organized by the Wired Music Week Foundation, an initiative of RBRN IDEAS. The concept and ideology behind this was formed by a cross-cultural enthusiasm of the WMWFoundation passionate about the music industry and its growth.

The first edition of Wired Music Week featured a total of 52 artists and speakers deriving from Asia all the way to Europe, in the acts of inspiring upcoming artists and music producers. Wired Music Week 2nd edition plans on extending their collaboration with multiple venues in Kuala Lumpur and its vicinity to host a series of after hours session from March 7-10 2019 (Thursday - Sunday).

DATE : 7, 8, 9, 10 MARCH 2019, THURSDAY - SUNDAY

First venture in spreading the wings of Wired Music Week and has held in Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, and will be held in Indonesia on 13th January,2019 (Sunday) at Hotel Monopoli Jakarta before the launch of Wired Music Week 2019: Second Edition takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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