Kidnap Katrina is back!

Kidnap Katrina is back!

DanceSignal, Written on jueves, diciembre 20 2018

The year of 1993 was debut of Kidnap Katrina, Indonesian Band that consists of Massto Sidharta (Drum), Koko (Guitar), Gorgha (Bass), Damon Koeswoyo (Guitar), Anang Hermansya (Vocal) and Teguh (Keyboard). They released self-titled album under Program label recording, with 11 songs included the hits, Biru, Katrina and Depresi Mania.

Since 1995, the band has taken a long-break then reunited in 2003 at The 20th Anniversary of Slank then the rest of members (Teguh has passed away.) split again and back to each other’s busy life.

In 2017, they remade classic hits “Biru” and after the hiatus, the band is back in 2018. Kidnap Katrina released a song “Kesepian”, popularized by Koes Plus in the 70's era written by the late Tonny Koeswoyo who is the father of Damon Koeswoyo, Kidnap Katrina guitarist as their latest single entitled Kesepian on February 1, 2018.

On November 2018, they released new single “Diam (...jangan bersuara)” and now they are making
the video clip from their single. Welcome back, Kidnap Katrina!