Sally Carrera from "Cars" turn into Real by Porsche

Diego Castaneda

Diego Castaneda


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Looks like Porsche will realize the dreams of fans of the film "Cars" by producing one of the characters from the film "Cars" namely Sally Carrera. Sally Carrera itself has a warm character and is a favorite of many people. And Porsche embodies this character with the name Porsche 911 “Sally Special”

Built on the Carrera GTS, this car with manual transmission has a “Sallybluemetallic” colorway. There are some interesting details here, such as the "Speed ​​Blue" stitching, the words "Sally Special" on some corners of the car, the "Kachow!" mode, and the tattoo near the aero wing that is Sally's trademark.

The tailor-made car is not only for display, it will also be auctioned through RM Sotheby's at Monterey Car Week in California, and a large portion of the proceeds will be donated to Girls Inc and UNHCR to help refugees from Ukraine.


Sepertinya Porsche akan mewujudkan mimpi dari para penggemar film "Cars" dengan memproduksi salah satu karakter dari film "Cars" yaitu Sally Carrera. Sally Carrera sendiri memiliki karakter yang hangat dan menjadi favorit banyak orang. Dan Porsche mewujudkan karakter ini dengan nama Porsche 911 “Sally Special”

Dibangun dari Carrera GTS, mobil dengan transmisi manual ini memiliki colorway “Sallybluemetallic”. Ada beberapa detail menarik disini, seperti jahitan “Speed Blue”, tulisan “Sally Special” di beberapa sudut mobil, mode “Kachow!”, dan tattoo di dekat aero wing yang menjadi ciri khas Sally.

Mobil yang sudah dibuat khusus ini tidak hanya untuk dipamerkan, namun juga akan dilelang melalui RM Sotheby dalam Monterey Car Week di California, dan sebagian besar dari hasil lelang akan disumbangkan ke Girls Inc serta UNHCR untuk membantu para pengungsi dari Ukraina.