Kunto Aji - Pilu Membiru Experience

Kunto Aji - Pilu Membiru Experience

Written on 11/19/2019

Get ready to tear down and be immersed in a touching narration presented by Kunto Aji. On Wednesday (11/14) yesterday, this 32-year-old musician released the music video 'Pilu Peliru Experience', a new version of 'Pilu Peliru' which offers a moving audiovisual experience.

The audience was invited to navigate the emotions felt by Dede, Sasha and Rama, the three main actors in the music video who were invited to consult with Adjie Santoso, a restorer. In the video description, Kunto gives a brief disclaimer.

"Our goal is to bring them together with Mas Adjie, to consult, as well as to share inspiration with us, how they can get through difficult times, the lowest point in life and achieve sincerity. With a little surprise, my presence, Kunto Aji directly, "he wrote.

Not only the emergence of Kunto Aji who sang Pilu Nyiru live with great taste, the music video was also interspersed with narratives that 'summarize' the feelings of the three narrators by Najwa Shihab, Nadin Amizah and Iqbaal Ramadhan.

The combination of black-and-white visuals, Pilu Blue's music, and the reflection of the pain of each emotion contained in the lyrics by Kunto Aji also successfully garnered a massive positive response from the listeners. On Twitter, Kunto was flooded with tweets that followed to share personal stories to just send a deep thank you to the idol.

"When I made this album, I already prepared, the time will come. Ready to be a medium. Any heavy story, especially on the stage, "he tweeted. Although he looked tough when singing in front of his three fans, Kunto admitted that in the process he had stopped. "From this clip I came to know, singing a song for one person is much heavier than for thousands of people," he explained via Twitter.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia Kunto Aji is a singer / songwriter who have have the power create music that successfully touches the heart of many people. He releases his album ‘Mantra, Mantra’ last year, which has been praised by many because of his songwriting ability that revolves around life itself - to put it out, Kunto Aji creates something that everybody can relate to, he is the voice that represents the people.


Now, Kunto Aji release a music video for Pilu Membiru, a song from his second album however this time he made an EP called “Pilu Membiru Experience” which features a slight different version of the original Pilu Member. Inspired by real life stories from his fan, Kunto Aji took this release not to tell about what the song means to him but also how others connected with it.


The Pilu Membiru Experience EP also has audio commentary taken from people’s real life situation, and is read by Najwa Shihab, Nadin Amizah and Iqbaal Ramadhan.