DISNEY : So Far $1,4 Billion Covid-19 Impact

DISNEY : So Far $1,4 Billion Covid-19 Impact

Written on 05/06/2020

Walt Disney Company melaporkan sejauh ini telah merugi $ 1,4 Milyar semasa Covid-19 ini.

As we know seluruh wahana Disneyland di dunia ditutup & seluruh bioskop di dunia menghentikan operasionalnya yang membuat film film Disney hanya ada di online atau TV Cable.

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The company estimated that COVID-19’s impact had resulted in approximately $1 billion lost in its parks, experiences and consumer products business, and $1.4 billion in losses across all of its operations.

The pandemic hit as Disney was undergoing a leadership change. Bob Iger, the long-time Disney chief who oversaw the company’s acquisitions of Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm, is stepping down and will be replaced by Bob Chapek, the former head of its parks, experiences and consumer products division.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has had an appreciable financial impact on a number of our businesses, we are confident in our ability to withstand this disruption and emerge from it in a strong position,” Chapek said in a statement. “Disney has repeatedly shown that it is exceptionally resilient, bolstered by the quality of our storytelling and the strong affinity consumers have for our brands.”