BREAKING NEWS | A.$.A.P ROCKY Chaos in Sweden

BREAKING NEWS | A.$.A.P ROCKY Chaos in Sweden

DanceSignal, Written on Thursday, July 4 2019


Rakim Mayers a.ka.a A $ AP Rocky has been arrested in an attack case in the Swedish city of Stockholm.

Mayers' lawyer told CNN: "We are working hard with this and [convinced] that the prosecutor will make a decision that supports my client when he gets the full picture."

Mayers posted a video on Instagram which showed he was followed by two men who were then attacked - one apparently attacked Mayers security guard by throwing a set of headphones at him. The guard then heard telling an observer: "He hit me with headphones, he cut my head - I really could beat him, I didn't even know him, he followed us. Tell him to leave us alone." Mayers said: "We don't want to fight with you ... We don't want any problems with these kids - they keep following us. "

This rapper has topped the US album charts twice and released his latest album, Testing, in 2018. He is scheduled to become the Wireless festival headline in London on Sunday.

Sources close to A AP APPLY Tuesday, October 10, 2009 Tuesday night was taken into custody. We're told cops are holding him on restricted visitation and will only allow him to speak with an appointed attorney.
My sources are standard practice for the U.S. Embassy to immediately alerted when the American was arrested - but that never happened - instead, the police were refusing to let the U.S. Embassy rep meet with A $ AP or his team.
We're told the situation has gotten so severe, it has been taken up with the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. to avoid what has quickly become a breach of Rocky's human rights.