Dance For Peace Festival 2019

Dance For Peace Festival 2019

DanceSignal, Written on jueves, mayo 2 2019

The premier Dance For Peace event was held just after the tragic Bali bombing on 8 November, 2002. It was very traumatic for all the people that living on the island, including the founder of this event Gerry Ong. After 3 weeks of mourning and prayers, the festival gathered hundred people on the island of Nusa Lembongan and they danced for peace and initiated the process of healing.

Dance For Peace Festival is an electronic dance music festival dedicated to raising the awareness for peace, celebrating love, life, sharing and healing. The music are predominately electronic and also live music performances but still keeping to a unique blend of music that is progressive and not geriatric.

Previous events have benefited the preservation of the environment within Nusa Lembongan Bali and also assisted in the partial funding of a new extension building at Yayasan Nurani Bali which undertakes the care of drug addicts in greater Denpasar, Bali and also assisted in raising funds for the Lombok quake victims among other charitable organizations.

This year, The festival will be held in Japan, Izu Shizuoka on 7 to 8 of June. It would be the first event after a 12 year break in Japan. In Indonesia, for this year will be held every 2 months in various locations and Dance For Peace this weekend is heading to Bali at Yeh Panas, on May 3 to May 4 with special line up by DJ CrisTrance (Chile), Danu (Moxa Bali), Fibrian (Bali Praia), Gerry (DFP Bali), VJ Pranaya (Giac Italy) and Fire Performers - Bali Flow Temple – Tampaksiring.