Welcome To Gioi

Welcome To Gioi

DanceSignal, Written on Friday, June 21 2019

From the crowded of culinary places in the Senopati area, there’s a place called ‘GIOI.’ In Vietnamese, Gioi means “Well Done” and become a philosophy that Gioi has taken up in everything that they do for their Guests. This place has two floors. The first floor is a non-smoking with different corners and the second floor is smoking area and has more of the lounge.

Gioi served food with fresh vegetables from their own Hydroponic farm in Ciawi, Bogor. From the food selections, they have signatures are Crispy Duck, Salmon Lodeh as the main course and also dessert like Molten Callebaut Pandan that inspired by traditional “Kue Pancong.”

From the beverage selections, Gioi have some mocktails like Black Lemonade, Honje Citrus and also the cocktail that made twists from the Classics Umeshu Sour adding Choya Umeshu Japanese plum liqueur to traditional whisky sour adding another dimension to the drink.

Gioi also served the entertainment from Monday to Saturday with live music and DJ’s performance on Friday and Saturday with selected hits from Mash Up music. Every month, music program ‘Press Play’ will entertain you with famous local bands. Foods, Beverages, Good Music and Good Vibes, just head your destination to Jalan Senopati Raya No. 88, South Jakarta.